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Objective financial, tax, and estate advice

We believe advice should be exclusively advice: unbiased, objective, and not reliant on product sales, quotas, or incentives. The way we provide advice is through easy to understand examples and objective service, tailored to your circumstances and expectations. We just happen to provide financial advice.


Financial advice generally requires advice on taxes: income tax, GST, PST, HST, payroll tax, estate tax (probate fees), and the list goes on. Whether you are planning for retirement, buying a home, organizing your financial life, or starting a business, taxes impacts all of these decisions. Tax is at the core of Lamp Financial's practice.

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Financial Areas of Practice


Tax Filings

Retirement Projections

End of Life Planning

Financial Assessments

Comprehensive Financial Plans


Tax Filings

CFO Services

Financial Workshops

Individuals & Families

  • Planning to minimize income taxes over the long-term before filing

  • Planning for immigration to, or emigration from, Canada and the related tax implications

  • Preparation of tax returns and information returns

  • Retirement income and expense projections before leaving work

  • Analysing retirement income withdrawals during retirement

  • Projections of distribution of financial assets upon death

  • Assistance with estate distribution after death

  • Assessment of insurance needs before purchase

  • Analysis of existing and proposed insurance policies

  • Projections for children’s education costs

  • Strategies to reduce debts

  • Assessment of your personal financial circumstances to achieve your goals

  • Planning for maximizing charitable donations and related tax benefits

  • Comprehensive personal financial planning

Corporations, Partnerships, Trusts & Charities

  • Accounting services and preparation of financial statements

  • Preparation of tax returns and information returns for corporations, partnerships, trusts, and estates, and charities

  • Assisting business owners in complying with Canadian taxes

  • Planning for a company, partnership, or trust to immigrate to, or emigrate from, Canada and the related tax implications

  • Financial counsel on starting a corporation, partnership, trust, or charity

  • Financial planning for family trusts, holding companies, or professional corporations

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services for private companies

  • Treasurer services for charities

  • Financial consulting for managing a business

  • Guest speaker for financial workshops

Serving clients in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario, Canada


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Trust and Estate Practitioner

Lamp Financial Inc. Independent Financia

Chartered Professional Accountant, and Chartered Accountant

Lamp Financial Inc. Independent Financia


Professional Memberships

Member, Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia, 2008-current

Member, Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada, 2008-current

Member, Advocis, The Financial Advisors Association of Canada, 2013-2022

Member, The Institute for Advanced Financial Education, 2013-2022

Member, Chartered Life Underwriter, 2013-2022

Member, Financial Planning Standards Council, 2015-2019

Student, Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, 2017-2020

Member, Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta, 2018-current

Member, FP Canada, 2019-current

Member, Financial Planning Association of Canada, 2019-current

Member, Advice Only Planners, 2019-current

Member, Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners Canada, 2020-current


Lamp Financial Inc. Independent Financia








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I'm constantly impressed by your thoroughness Michael! I'm realizing how insightful your recommendations are in keeping things organized. You are awesome and I appreciate your hard work.

Soroush | Business owner client

"Michael brings solid financial experience and extensive accounting and tax knowledge. Michael's current projects for us include: monitoring the pre-operating budget, assisting with developing corporate policies and procedures, audit management, financial reporting, and general financial project work"

Shane | Client

 "I was quite impressed at the insightful way Mr. Deepwell prepared our taxes.  He determined the best way in utilizing all available options to get the most out of our expenses and personal situation to save us money. And he did this with integrity. Also, we found him to be a friendly, patient and kind person with which to work with. We heartily recommend him for accounting and tax services." 

Randy | Client

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